How do I make my Audio Jungle profile page look professional?

How do I make my Audio Jungle profile page look professional? Is there a lot of coding involved? Do the pros and top earners/sellers pay someone to design their profile page?

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First and foremost it’s Good, high-quality, commercially viable music that sells and not the design. Of course marketing tools are essential and design has a major slice from that cake. Try to be as simple as possible. Pick some unique easy name, create some basic logo, pick some color pallets and make your announcement, covers, images using that colors. Also learn some REALLY BASIC html coding and add some ornaments like banner, leave 5 star raring animation etc. By time you will improve not only your music but design as well. And of course remember the first things i have said. Do not waste your music production time on endless design crafting. Hope it helps. Thank you for question.


same question
is there any instruction or html tips on how to make up your page

IMHO having a rating animation looks really bad especially it comes across as desperation asking for ratings. Buyers rarely rate items I have found and that ratings are only used by authors who game the system and try to manipulate the search.

Design wise keep it simple - let the music do it’s work, quality music is more professional.


You simply can’t, because Envato market itself is looking the same for many years, outdated and not professional at all.

I prefer Envato’s design over some of the new websites that make everything look like a Tik Tok reel.

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