Trying to install Wordpress Logistics theme, purchased through Themeforest

Receiving the following error message:-

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Assuming this is a WP theme go to your downloads page on TF and choose the “installable WordPress file only” option of the file and use that Zip.

I have the same issue; trying to download the Rhythm theme, but when I go to the downloads page, I am only offered these three options:

  1. All files and documentation
  2. License certificate and purchase code (PDF)
  3. License certificate and purchase code (text)

In the help options it says there should be an option called, Installable WordPress file only.

Is this theme no longer supported on the platform?

Please let me know as soon as possible; please email me at


Michelle Ulrich
Marketing Manager for Scott D. Davis and
Scovis Music Productions

I have the same issue and there is no link for “install WordPress file only”, some body can help?

Hi @Paymonaria

You can into your download page and click download button, in download button have dropdown menu.


If the “Installable WordPress” option is not there when you click download then you must have bought a different file format e.g. HTML template.

Have you got the link to the exact file which you bought or the item number?

Thanks for quick response,

The link is here, it seems you are correct. It is HTML 5 template. Is there any way to convert it to WordPress or Joomla?

Not without serious development - you are better off buying the correct format if it is available.

That link you shared is for your downloads page so can’t see the actual file name etc. but it’s definitely worth checking if the WP or Joomla version exists