Trying to import demo content on Kriya theme

Hi guy’s, I have downloaded my theme and started to build the site for Kriya but started to realise if it would have been quicker and easier to import the demo content and then subtract the pics and features I don’t need and add the photos I want etc. When I tried to use the Wordpress importer it did not work. There is no button on the Buddha panel either to import?

Any ideas please?


Check the documentation - this will explain the best way to do this.

Thanks, I have found a way to upload the demo content, however, I now find that all the images/photos that come with the theme have ‘design theme’ in the background, like a watermark. How can I use them without this being seen? Thanks

It is very rare for themes to include images also. In fact Envato is actively discouraging it and rejecting items for doing so.

Also, the theme says:

"NOTE: Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy a license."

No problem, It’s just that I need to remove all the backgrounds that say ‘design Theme’… its everywhere and I don’t know how to delete it all to continue making the site.
Also, seems strange that they let you import the demo content but don’t let you use any of the pics??
Thanks and hope you can help with removing the watermark/background issue.

If the images are watermarked then it’s unlikey you can just remove them and as permotem descriptoom will need to contact the author to get download links

Not sharing images is quite logical - it’s highly unlikely the author owns the rights to redistribute esp if it’s a stock image

It’s the background that is covered with the watermark that is the issue. i can live with the images not being able to use. Any ideas how to remove the background watermark?

Can you share a screenshot? Not sure I understand the issue