Why can't I import a demo??

Why am I no allowed to import theme data?
Documentation with the Biagiotti theme says I can but when I click on import is says I don’t have permission.

Get some support from the author.


Hello - as @ki-themes you can ask the author, but have you followed the instructions on the theme?


Do you have a permissions error, or does the import get stuck?

Thanks for asking 123Simples. I get a permissions error: “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”
Which seems wrong if we have paid for the licences, and have activated them.
I have been using the documentation, which is where i found out about importing the demo’s as I had mistakenly assumed they were preloaded.
It seems I have a lot of other issues with this particular theme too, like, almost everything doesn’t work. So far the only change that I have been able to make that has worked is add the logo. Others have appeared and then disappeared, like the menu. Came up on one preview, never to be seen again, but no changes made to that after i had chosen the main nav menu.
I’m using the provided Biagiotti editing menu, and following the documentation and I save after each change within a section, e.g. page layout, or header. View and refresh the site page and no changes appear. Different browser, same.
Sorry to add to that, answer so extensively. These are the things i have found since the error message. I reached out to the author and so far no answer.

@Mikado-Themes and @QODE are some of the biggest and most reputable authors on envato - as it’s the weekend that is likely to delay support but I’m certain they will reply asap and that there is an easy solution

If you are using WordPress hosting, the configuration of the server hosting your site may be using NGINX caching. If you make a change in your WordPress site, you may not see the change due to the cache not being cleared through the Cache Manager in cPanel. I usually disable and clear the cache on my CPanel whilst building any website, or if I am making frequent changes. Once the site is up and running how you want it to be, then in CPanel switch the NGINX caching back on.
It’s normally over to the right hand side of your screen when you’re logged into your CPanel account :slight_smile:

As @charlie4282 has said it is the weekend, and they are good authors so I hope you get the support soon from them.

Their instructions seem very comprehensive, so it could simply be something that is easily sorted out. I know a lot of people use wordpress but there is still lots to always learn using the system. Google is your friend so in my case when I get stuck, I ask on Google and can spend hours just learning something new. However, once you learn it, then it makes you feel so much better.

I would guess the import of data is something to do with settings on the server, but out of interest, why do you want to import demo data? Surely its better to build your site from scratch, using your own navigation, pages and images? I know the images are included as part of the import, so maybe you could upload these separately when you want to.