Hi Guys, new to this and need some help
I am using the TRANSPO theme, but my featured section blocks are all out of wack,
the alignment is way out. it look like as you add more text it falls out of place and I normally take time and can fix things. I am running out of time here.
Is there anyone that can help me out? cheers

Hi @Bandit0496,

Welcome to the forums! While I’m not theme author, I replicated your design on live theme preview and this may be a slight glitch in design code. Boxes seem to fall out of place when middle box in first row is bigger than the others.

Have you tried to contact author of this theme? You can use either “Support” or “Comments” section available on purchased theme page:


Hi Luca

Thank you so much for looking into this.

There is no response from author. I tried everything on it. At a point to change the whole section. But will keep trying tho. Cheers

I’d wait a bit more for a response, once in a blue moon it takes several days to get one, usually due to some unexpected circumstances.

If however you won’t get any response witnin a reasonable time frame, consider contacting Envato customer support and describing the situation: