Looking for help....


I am looking for a website template that includes a background members login area for my start up courier business.

I wondered if anybody could recommend one.


There is not any good theme for courier business. Its better to make one for you custom. Contact us skype nasir-2525

We can make a deal with this.

Try searching fro ‘cargo’ or ‘shipping’ as well.

Hi Spacestock - thanks for that!!! I love the courier layout - it’s perfect!!! I just need to know if customers have an account area to log into?

Thanks so much!

Also, before I purchase (which I am waiting to do) I need instructions on how I actually use it.

I’ve read lots of comments online from other people who have bought these WP themes and then can’t use them.

All files will have some documentation which will cover the basics.

Within reason the author of a theme may be willing to help with some of its features but there is a degree of assumed knowledge that comes with buying a WordPress theme.

People with an understanding (don’t need to be a developer) of how to use WordPress (and the patience to read the documentation) should have little issues with editing an existing theme on here within the boundaries of it’s standard features.

(Of course not all) people complaining that they do not understand or can’t use a theme are in many cases either complete newbies or trying to implement something custom made that’s not included in the theme.

As long as a user is sensible and realistic e.g. you wouldn’t buy a car engine in pieces and expect to build it if you don’t know how right? then you should not have too many problems.

For reference, you are talking about customer profiling and logins for a business which immediately is probably something you will need to custom do. Even if you find a plugin to do it then you will need a degree of knowledge to style it correctly etc.

Good luck

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Thanks for that Charlie - I’m really happy with the template I’ve chosen and it really only needs minor editing so I’m fine with all that but would really appreciate an idiots guide to getting my theme installed into WP.

I am familiar with using WP but other than that, a beginner.

This is for a business studies project for my daughter, I said I’d help but would really be grateful for some really basic (kind of 1,2,3) on what I need to do to get her off and going.

  1. You need your own domain and hosting (you cannot use WordPress.com). You can get these from any provider e.g. GoDaddy, BlueHost etc.

  2. You need to install WordPress on your domain/host. There are two options

  1. You need to Install and activate the theme. there are two options:
  • In your downloads page www.themeforest.net/downloads (assuming you are logged in) click the ‘Download’ button next to the theme and choose Installable WordPress Files Only. Install this zip file via the WordPress admin e.g. www.your-url.com/wp-admin

  • Alternatively in your downloads page www.themeforest.net/downloads (assuming you are logged in) click All files and documentation. Make sure you UNZIP this folder

Locate the theme folder ONLY ( not including documentation etc) and add this UNZIPPED to your hosting via FTP.

  1. Once it’s installed just click ‘activate’ and off you go.

Please note WP themes do NOT look like the demo you see here automatically. To acheive this you need to import dummy data and go about fixing up new acquisition e.g. adding pages, menu etc.