Trade - Modern Classified

i am a beginner really…i bought classified trade beacause i liked a certain skin for listings…it’s just i can’t find any tools to make it look like the version i saw online…like the search bar or the dropdown menus.The site is not for eCommerce so i don’t need wooCommerce.I just want a simple register and sign in and some information that connects to certain categories.

thank you in advance!

If you like, Envato Studio has several professional WordPress installation and customization specialists that I’m sure would be up for the job :smiley:


i don’t really want to buy anything else.I want to work with what i have…so if someone has any suggestions please help me.

thank you

Hi @pakagyla,

Have you tried to contact theme author? If you are looking for a certain function/look that’s clearly available in demo theme, they will be able to guide you on how to achieve it: