Tracking inventory - reliable qr code generator?

Trying to make some sense of managing my inventory and I think I’ll start using qr codes. While I’m there, I intend to also run some promotions/discounts, so I could really use a first-hand recommendation for a reliable qr code generator.

I narrowed it down and found a good candidate. Still, I would like to know if what you find to be the best qr code generator for business is on this list? Fingers crossed, I’ll get a confirmation of my choice.

It might seem like too much work to ask here after doing my own research, but I read enough comments about qr codes expiring and tons of other issues people encountered. And honestly, I prefer hearing from someone who has personal experience with a tool or a product before I start using it.

Anyway, thank you in advance for any input on this topic.

Hi! You should check out – they’re a new link shortener + qr code creator. It’s free and your QR codes/links never expire. You can choose your colors, too.

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Thanks, will check it out, although generally, I like to give new tools some time (I know, I play it safe) for a good number of reviews to become available.