My item was rejected. Can someone help me?

On codecanyon I noticed several php scripts for generating qr code. However, no one allows storage on a database and no one allows the generation of dynamic QR codes with url redirects.

So I decided to create a script that in addition to the generation of static qr code allows these two great features.

It took me 2 months of work and I spent some money on the graphics and envato replied like this:
“We have completed our review of “PHP Dynamic QR Code Generator” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I leave you the demo here, the login data is already there:

Why do you think it was rejected? There are scripts online since 2011 that have less functionality than mine and are out of date …

I used AdminLTE for the frontend part and an open source library for the beckend part related to the control panel.I used 3 other open source libraries for my script + bootstrap, jquery etc.

I have written perfect and easy to understand documentation and have mentioned all non-proprietary software inside.

Let me know

Hello reverse giandonato!

There are several factors for them to have rejected. Since we don’t have a direct channel with whom to validate these codes, we end up without a very clear answer about the reason.

But factors such as: Code quality, usability, if you have a similar item in Envato, design, responsiveness, documentation, among others, are taken into account.

I visualized your link here and everything seems to be correct. I think it must be one of the criteria they use.

But don’t give up! We all go through this type of analysis and this often happens with our products.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for the answer. I was very disappointed with Envato’s policy of not giving a reason after a refusal or allowing a second chance.

I made this script because the only way to create dynamic qr code was to pay on the most famous sites and I was hoping to sell a script to eliminate subscription costs.

After 2 months of work and money spent, as Envato does not see fit to sell my script, I will make it open source