Track uploaded succesfully for review but disappeared after a while and no reaction received

Dear Guys,

I uploaded my first track on this site several weeks ago, I paid attention carefully on all the rules and prerequisites that had to be fulfilled. Since I read that the review can take a while, I was waiting patiently checking upon my profile every 1-2 days to see if there is a reactiob.

One day I noticed that the uploaded item is not visible on my profile anymore, it just simply disappeared. I have to assume it was rejected, but I can’t see any reaction, not even the template-answers that some of you guys are citing in your forum answers.

What can this mean? I tried to find out how to contact audiojungle itself (I assumed there should be a customer care center or similar) but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Write to support :

Most likely the letter with the answer came to you, but it is in the spam of your mail.

You are absolutely right. I didn’t think of checking the Spam folder :(.
Thank you!