Track number of visits on "portfolio" page?

I am just experimenting with Google Analytics… I managed to add a “tracker” on my main profile page, it works.
But I am realizing that until now… the URL I shared was my “portfolio” page, and on this one, I don’t know where I could add a tracker… so I don’t know how to get a number of visits…

Thanks for any idea :slight_smile:

just have another question…

would you say it is better to redirect people to your “profile” page or directly to your “portfolio” ?
I see that some top sellers have very nice profile page, with images, collections, etc… so I guess that “profile” page is best ?

Hello! I use direct link from youtube - to my track. And in the description of track i have menu with tags (for better search in my portfolio). All links upgraded with shorter, so i have some information about usability. I think, this works better, then link to your portfolio…

Thanks, but I wanted to track the number of visits I get after having being redirected from another site (facebook, instagram, or google search…)… directly to my audiojungle page.
But your idea is good - I still need to upload youtube videos…
All this is so time consuming :slight_smile:

Okay, just use any shorter with statistics on your link. Shorter will count number of using your link. (also provide you informetaion about country and time) Good luck!

I guess this is the simplest way, yes :slight_smile: Thanks!