Track Lengths

I’m curious, do stock music authors always keep track lengths short? What’s the longest you would make a stock track, and is there a length limit on Audio Jungle? I guess the majority of buyers want something pretty short and to the point.

Depends on the genre. A track intended for guided meditation or relaxation practices should last at least 3 to 6 mins if not more. A video game bg music is usually a 2mn loopable piece. A sports best goals of the week segment presentation snippet will probably last less than 15s. So u should ask ur self: in which kind of content do I picture my music and decide from there. Humble opinion


The maximum allowed track length for uploading is 10 minutes

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Yeah, in my experience they want stuff they can loop then add their owns stuff onto. Otherwise it turns into a royalty situation. If you just want to buy or sell outright, keep it short. and dont put lyrics. unless that was you’re whole objective, in which case I woul recommend submitting to your publisher. im with BMI, but actually would rather be with ASCAP. They seem to be more diligent when it comes to tracking down anything u wrote/produced that got lifted without you’re permission. sorry if I got the question wrong. not sure if you are trying to buy or sell. . either way, good luck & be well~.

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