Newbie Qs: Length of Track? Production Gear? Ppl Making Derivatives of Someone's Uploads?

Hi there,

  • What’s the min & max length of an Audio Jungle upload?
  • What kind of music production setup might you expect from a contributor? Or, rather: what is the least you’d expect? Minimum gear?
  • What if someone copies a melody they heard on here, would it be copyright by virtue of being traceable to this website, & thus dated to appearing this website first?

Thanks in advance

Nobody cares what gear you’re using while your track meets the quality requirements. More info about length and more here.

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Thank you. For anybody reading, according to

Max. length of a track / a pack = 10 mins
It is inferred by the wording at the end of that FAQ article “e.g. 12 x 0:10 tracks, you should enter 2:00 as the length.” that the minimum length of a track could be something like 10 seconds.

So: 0:10 - 10:100 :slight_smile:

OK now, regarding my other two questions:

  • I am not asking what gear must l use or what gear would you be insisting that l would use.

What l mean is: what is the general set up here? I don’t want to start a fire but let me say: I notice there’s a special kind of sound on this website, maybe also on other audio marketplace sites, but l only know this site.

Sounds really high definition, with compressed beats, etc. What kind of gear do you guys use, what kind of gear would you imagine, without really caring either way, another AudioJungle submitter to be using?

I’m guessing:
—> DAW: Pro Tools / Ableton / StudioOne
—> Soft Synths: Kontakt libraries … Reaktor … Specialised orchestra / choir / film scoring soft synths / instrument libraries
—> Hardware: NI Maschine, high end soundcard.

Well, l don’t have any of that. I have Reaper, l don’t like, l want to return to Acid Pro or some other cheap n cheerful DAW.

Soundcard - Icon Cube, American Audio VMS5.

What l really don’t want is for some fine ear to notice crackling or just a general native “sound” arising from my set up, that l don’t even notice myself. After doing all that work! Hence l asked, but l was trying to avoid a big debate on the “sound” of a DAW etc. hence the simplified version of my question that l actually posed.

  • I want to make my own melodies, & even re-make a good few from my youth. What about my q regarding melody copying? I notice a lot of tunes on here avoid explcit melodies, they are more about the inertia, the genre style, the special FX. Could it be out of fear that one’s melodies may get copied by others?

If so, what would you suggest, keeping one’s personal stash of good melodies for downstream sales once you enter into a client relationship?

I think its more out of fear that the melody would interfere with dialogue in the videos it will be used in.

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You need the essential to compose music, a DAW (all are good), an audio interface (generally 2 in, 1/2 out), 2 audio monitors, a midi keyboard and the most important thing, the intuition about how what you are composing works on most of that specific video genre.

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Thanks - l had never even thought about that!!

Thank you. Checking threads on rejected tracks, it seems a bit that you need to be an audiophile too? Which would probably also mean never just settling for a DAW’s stock plugins for EQ / compression? All that stuff is way over my head, stock plugins all sound great to me.

I suppose l could just test the waters with something l made ages ago and see.