Top 20 Christmas templates on GraphicRiver

From invitation templates to digital snow globes and banner ad templates here are the top 20 Christmas templates on GraphicRiver, as curated by our community.

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Ok, lets do it:

My @survivor item: - This is a great collection of Christmas styles and actions, usable for any website or presentation to give it the right Christmas mood. It works with text, shapes and vectors.

Fellow author @doa item: - Pretty nice tool for creating many different snow globes. It is in a high resolution, so it can be usefull for the Christmas Party invitations.

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My item @YczCreative : . In my opinion looks great. Exactly what some are looking for. Simple but precise.

Envato mate: @prassiod item: . I think this is one of the best christmas flyer/ christmas movie flyer i have seen. It’s perfect

Here are Some of Christmas Templates:
NO 1: Winter Wonderland Flyer
NO 2: Christmas Party Flyer
NO 3: Winter Wonderland Party Flyer
NO 4: New Year Party Flyer

NO 1: Christmas Sale Banners

NO 1: New Year Twitter Cover
NO 2: New Year Facebook Cover

I hope you will like it… Enjoy.

My Christmas flyer pack of 2:
I like them as they show the party in not standard way

I love retro style :slight_smile:

My Item @Media_Variety : Snowy Mockups - The Christmas cute messanger will deliver your card

Previewing and holds the awesome design packs of @lavie1blonde : Retro / Vintage Christmas Card Pack Beautiful retro vintage Christmas 12 unique designs

My Christmas Story Church Flyer Template @Godserv This flyer uses a beautiful blue and yellow color combination along with a reflective text style to highlight the meaning of Christmas. Buyers can use it for cantatas. sermons, drama presentations, party invitations etc. The 5 Included color variations gives it even more flexibly to be used for other Christmas thematic activities.

Christmas Party Flyer & Invitation by @MakeMediaCo is a wonderful vintage design that pulls the viewer in with bold text and solid colors. Great for church and office Christmas parties.It’s an attractive thro-back piece that will capture anyone’s attention and longing for the “good old days”. 2 Color variations are included for even more Christmas fun.

My item :
Perfect for any Coca-Cola based Christmas party, lol.

By another author : ( @Artrif )
I don’t really know why I picked this… maybe because of the idea, I like it alot!

Great oportunity!
My item @ShinyPixel :
This is my first entry on GraphicRiver and my first big result: almost 300 items sold in less than 1 month. Amazing! I spent some time to made it as awesome and christmassy as I could. Fully Photoshop vector shape for any kind of magnification and handmade typography!
Another author item: I love this item: from @MockupZone. it’s very eye catching, I like all these shiny items!

Hi DomHennequin!
My @bigweek template is:
I think this flyer may give you pleasant and exiting feelings during anticipation of the Christmas holiday. It is as if a look at the table, where you can prepare the gifts for your beloveds.

Next template from @Nikolaev_ws
It is:
I love this template. The main element of the winter holiday looks festive, very bright and eye catching!

Just a question before sumbission: Can i chose author from graphicriver with Christmas project from Christmas 2015? :slight_smile: by @BossTwinsMusic
Looks modest and simple. by @drumcheggg
This illustration shows a Santa Claus, a crazy one.

P.S: I can not put an item made by me. It wouldn’t be fair

Hi DomHennequin!
My item @Nikolaev_ws
I I think turned out bright and harmonious work

Next template from @BigWeek
I really like this job. All very harmonious and festive!

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My item @arieltroche
my design is made to be used by businesses and also for families, It is a simple and fun illustration, very easy to edit

By another author @Faber14
I like the modern style and simple, uses characteristic colors of Christmas. well organized design

My file @creativevalues

This flyer is quite simple and elegant with the white and golden theme with Christmas feel. The glow from top with bokeh lights and splashing liquid give the stunning look with christmas magical feel.

I like this @Rembassio

I just love the blue colour tone with great taste of happiness in Christmas celebrations. It is really well composed design with snowy Xmas trees n snowy ground .

Hey @arieltroche and @creativevalues,

Could you provide a little more detail for each of the items you’ve listed?

I’d love 2 sentences for each minimum. :wink:

My item @Andmericano
Nice designed Christmas banners to promote holiday discounts, included 24 different sizes and Facebook Cover!

and great Xmas banners from @webduck
It is pefect suit for product promotion on Christmas sale banners and comes with 20 standard dimensions which also meet Google adwords banners sizes!

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besides what is the point to explain why this is great? here are some descriptions in all items and people can judge by themselves as for i know … by the way this is also a bit funny to have kind of “community oriented” initiative like this , when let’s face it , it seems that no one was that much interested in it and that in addition, people here refuse that u report an infringement of rights for a friend that we have here , which is quite difficult to understand …