Top 20 Christmas templates on GraphicRiver

My @psddude item:
This Christmas animated snowball is unique, easy to use and fully customizable. The animation can be saved as animated GIF for web and also as video. You can add this animations on your website, etc.

Author @MockupZone item:
This item comes with lots of colorful and cute Christmas assets that allows you to create unlimited mock-ups.All elements are photo-realistic and high resolution.

My item: Christmas Party Flyer V3.
Clean Christmas flyer for clubs and party’s with a great composition and a 3D gold text made in Smart Object so you can change the text to your own.

Item by Vladuha: Christmas Felt Maker.
Awesome action for making stunning graphics for christmas websites, cards, banners and more. It looks very realistic and have a great feel to it for the holidays.

My Item Christmas & Winter Season Sales Pack (Bundle)

Perfect for a Christmas Sale with it’s festive look. Even Santa will be pleased.

GraphicRiver Author @mrikhokon - Snowed in Font
A great font for your Christmas Greetings and Cards, your best choice for describing the season.

My Item
traditional, joyful funny character set which may be used in postcards, invitations, advertisements…

Item by MockupZone

useful in work voor Graphic designers

My item is Christmas Party Flyer which is a clear and modern flyer template for Christmas Parties. You can use this for Apres Ski / Cabin parties as well.

Item @1jaykey Sexy Xmas Party Flyer
Also a clean and modern flyer for Christmas parties or events. Sexy enough to promote a party but also good for classy events too.

My item: Christmas Flyer -
I especially like the depth of the flyer with the trees disappearing in the background. The colors and light effects also create a unique Christmas atmosphere.

Item @creativeartx : Christmas Backgrounds-Cards Collection -
I like the clean illustration style of these Christmas Backgrounds. The composition, colors and typography provide a nice combination.

My item @Rembassio

I love blue! I think that Christmas can be recreated with dignity and in blue!
We all look for different creative solutions. Blue is a good way to recreate
the beauty and romance of winter. My sales have justified my expectations.

Here’s my suggestion: @Gugulanul

First, great idea! Very creative and original! Very beautiful collectible elements and clean performance. I’ve always thought that the bright flyers are the most difficult. Author should make an excellent contrast to the elements and at my suggestion this is perfect. This is a very well thought out and executed work.``

My item @platinumflyers

Here’s my suggestion: @4ustudio

Hey there, I don’t have any christmas item to show so these are my choices:

I love this item: by @ShinyPixel
and this item: by @corrella

@OceanF Thank you for voting me :slight_smile:

My item @corrella

I’ve work a long time on them, and I like this vintage style very much.

My suggestion @kinzi21

I love the typography and the colorschemes

My Item @FlyersKing
This flyer is great to promote your Christmas party, it has the cold, winter style which gives you the season feeling.

I recommend this @n2n44 4

love the white background and the elements, it’s great flyer for any Christmas purpose. not mention it has the square edition.

My Item @n2n44 because this item is both sexy , colorful, and much into the celebration spirit as well and it seems that people like it , which makes me proud of it and that @FlyersKing as already promoted another item that i am proud of lol

i recommend this item @FlyersKing because the composition is great , this is beautifully executed and both original and colorful and that the people buying here in GR love it , rightfully so i might add …

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Collection of Retro Holidays Greeting Cards by @BlinkBlink
Christmas Backgrounds-Cards Collection by @creativeartx

My @CreativB item: because I think it is colorful and fun and has all of the popular Christmas elements. Also, it can be used for any Christmas event whether for a night club or an office party.

Other Author @Dilanr item: I like this one because of the simplicity and the feeling of a white christmas. It also stands out due to it’s minimal color choices.

My item: @CRIScx22
I like the way the colors mix together, the blue with the black.
The design itself it’s abstract because that’s my favorite style and also my vision.
The blue light streaks are mixed together with some mosaic patterns on the background both trying to illustrate an artistic wave of ice in motion.

I like the atmosphere this item creates. I like the sign covered by the snow and the way he added the deers, bottles and sleighs. Also, the 3D effect created by using the light and shadow makes you feel that you’re part of that scene. All of these create a nice Christmas feeling.

My item @Mariux:
I think it’s great because of the overall atmosphere and also because it has a twin for new year.
It can be used to promote any Christmas event for different locations like a club or even a restaurant.

Shortly, It’s great because INDUSTRYKIDZ made it, and I think it’s perfect for a crazy christmas party.

My Item:
This one of a kind, versatile and comprehensive flyer bundle covers the Christmas holiday, New Years Eve, and Winter Festivities. It is easy to edit and customize event promotion.

Item by:
Great bundle with lots of variety and useful elements. Its a great deal and well organized.

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@corrella many thanks for the mention!
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My item @carlosache I saw the picture of santa claus bike photodune an author, and inspired me to make a fun design that meets the purpose of dreaming a little, makes me happy to look at this design.

Item by: @INDUSTRYKIDZ I like it a different design and 3D letters gives it a novel, personally I like the use of 3d