Tools to write a documentation for product such as wordpress theme

Are there any good tools to write documentation for a product such as Wordpress theme?

Documentation can be in HTML or PDF format?

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You can use HTLM/PDF

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I Know this one. It is not a content management system and creating doc in them is a tedious task.

There’re few WordPress themes at ThemeForest that you could use but you’d also need to add documentation as “offline” state inside of the ZIP file


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You are not getting point. writing whole documentation in html format is tedious and a nightmnare. any tool where we can write just like we write in wp editor and later all the documentation can be generated in th form of html template or pdf?

I know it’s frustrating but there’s no easy way. You will probably end-up by coding some HTML. I could suggest you to use “Video” instructions instead but still you will probably need to spend hours to record the videos, upload, etc…

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True, I will perhaps hire someone to build a free tool for authors to make things easy.

Are you aware of any high-quality tool for making high-quality PDF?

Google is your friend

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check out this:

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You can write your documentation in Markdown and then build HTML or PDF version using tool like GitBook or MkDocs.

With WPTF ( the documentation is ready to use and you just need to communicate the link to your Themeforest costumers. You don’t need to create it.

I use Documenter it produces awesome documentation with navigation and logo on right side.

Preview. of my Plumber WordPress theme’s documentation.


Our team is also using Documenter for some templates. It is really useful and easy to use tool :muscle:

Why do you need PDF? HTML is way more cooler :sunglasses:

I usually this free themeforest template for documentation