Share your stories. Around 6-7 months ago, I woke up with ringing in my ear, that migrated to another ear, and never went away. And I know a few other guys here have this “curse”.
What makes it worse for you? What eases it up? How do you cope?

The musician’s curse. I’ve suffered from it on and off for the last 20 years especially after being exposed to loud music (which is practically all the time) but fortunately it doesn’t bother me too much. It goes with the territory I suppose. I do also get a stinging ear and swollen nodes in my neck if I spend several hours a day, over a period of days, mixing loud music. That bothers me more, so these days I tend to avoid working with loud music if I can help it, at least until the very last moment of the mix.

Protect your ears everyone! :+1:

I actually can hear some really high noise from my ear, but I just choose to focus on another sound around me. Maybe in my case it’s not really bad tinnitus :sweat_smile:

Tinnitus is also more obvious when indoors in a very quite environment which has double glazing. If you go outside, into the wind and/or outside air (basically Nature and our natural environment) the Tinnitus practically disappears, or at least we tend to not notice it as much. A lot of it has to do with not consciously thinking about it too, when you are out and about. Tinnitus really is just our auditory system adjusting to an unnaturally higher level (like hissing from speakers when they are turned up too high) which happens after we are exposed to loud music over long periods of time. Of course, it care isn’t taken, it could also be a sign of hearing loss and/or damage to our hearing. As musicians, we should always protect our hearing as much as we can. I have musician’s ear plugs that I pop in whenever I’m exposed to a piano pupil who bashes the piano rather than plays it. :open_mouth:


Go to a doctor and try to get a professional massage. Tinnitus and hearing loss can be caused through neck tension.

Heaven’t expected this topic here on AJ. I also live with it since 2008 :-\ It all started in my right (closed to motinor) ear after a long dj sets I used to play and I still hear it every fcking day/night.
I still do club sets from time to time but only with an earplugs. Have two pairs of them ER-15 and PRO-17.

Protect your ears people, tinnitus is not a joke!

How many do you have?

Around two, last time I checked :slight_smile: but it started in left ear and eventually migrate to the right ear.

Sorry to hear that, we have to take care! Dont know about tinnitus but bruxism is something that can also affect your hearing.

Have it for a year now. Its like the noise of a vacume cleaner in the background. More loud sounds make it worse and yeah in a quiet surrounding its more annoying. Docter says there’s Nothing that can be done. Live with it…For now I cope with it.

FWIW, I have a background in audiology. Definitely see a doc and discuss the circumstances surrounding the onset. If your tinnitus came on suddenly without a specific high SPL event(s) and has lasted 6 months, it would be wise to get the differential diagnoses ruled out. For example, it can be caused by certain medications.

Good luck, and protect those ears…all 3 of them? :wink:


I did have what I thought was an acoustic trauma to my ear a few days ago before it all happened, and went to a few ENT’s and an audiologist, most agreed that the sound that I’ve experienced wouldn’t have caused any permanent damage. But who knows. The last ENT referred me to a neurologist, and now the neurologist is trying to figure out the cause, so far i got clean MRI, and a tone of more tests to go :). Could be blood pressure related.

Anyhow thanks for your reply, and I didn’t intend to make this thread all about me, I just know that there are other people who have it, and when I first got this curse, I felt soooooooooooo alone, and I would hate to see some one feel the same way! So I wanted to spread the world, that we the people with ringing and buzzing and hissing in our ears/head are not alone :slight_smile:

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Yes. It is very harmful in our work. Moreover, the hearing loss is not reversible. I also have tinnitus. I’m doing this: When working with loud sounds of household or attend a concert, you use earplugs. When engaged in arrangement and mixing music, I use “antiquated method” - is the EQ on the master bus with the decline of high frequencies by about 6 dB from 2 kHz to 20 kHz.

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I hear you…but seriously hearing damage is serious and you must take all necessary precautions to protect them Being partially deaf on my left side causes huge problems and hearing is a very precious attribute - regardless of doing music or not.

Very sad to hear about tinnitus from a musician… My father is an ENT doctor and I had once a ringing in one ear when I woke up, so he immediately made me drink some Nicergoline in pills.
In 2 days tinnitus was gone.
The thing is you should cure it as it begins and not wait till it progresses.
So, uhm, hope this helps.

And also don’t crank that VOLUME knob!

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Hey, gballx, don’t worry, you’re making amazing tracks even being partially deaf )))

Thanks for your kind comment! :slight_smile:

Tinnitus! Without doubt one of our worst enemies …
Indeed we must be very careful.
I have never come to have strong hum, but more or less a year ago suffered something no less problematic: vertigo!
One day I went to bed, my bed began to spin non-stop (well, hopefully it had been my bed)
The result: long hours producing with headphones.
It all came down to me …
After months of break and medication, I started to see things des tube out and to rethink some things.
Tube to buy new monitors to my studio and practically I have not gone back to using headphones. Only a timely manner.
Since then dizziness were completed. While it is true that often are addicted to the volume “at full throttle” we must be very very aware of this evil: the profession is going!
Greetings and good luck

had no clue that headphones could cause tinnitus. Seriously? O_O I mean vertigo.

Useful tips, thanks!