Hey guys! I know I’ve asked some questions about Tinnitus and ringing in the ears before, but I have a new issue and a question. Have any of you ever experienced a low frequency buzz in your ears? It kinda comes and goes.
I can even feel it in my head.

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I often hear a very annoying (quite loud sometimes) low rumble in one of my ears. I physicaly feel it too. Sometimes, it seems triggered by some mid to loud noises (ex: wind coming through a car window or the resonances out of my acoustic guitar hole, etc), but at other moments, it jump straight at me for no particular reasons.

I consulted a few doctors, but they can’t find what I have. When I’m lucky, it completely go, but rarely more than a few hours. This thing causes me stress and sleep problems (but I found that turning on a portable fan at night sort of help masking it, or at least, I can train my brain to focus more on the sound of the fan instead of the inner low rumble).

Mixing music or sounds with that thing in my head is quite challenging sometimes. (The sound I hear feels a bit like a mix between a somewhat distant train (but more constant) and the low buzz of an old fridge…)

But since it sometimes go, I keep hope that it could do once and for all someday.

How loud do you feel yours? Does it interfere with your music making or day to day activities?

I haven’t been making music for a while now, at first I got Tinnitus and I got too depressed to do anything, and then I just didn’t have the right time and place to compose/write/mix. Now finally I got my “crap” together, got new Monitors and this shit started! Of course it threw me off and got me pretty upset. Some times I go crazy and can’t figure out if the sound is in my head or it is real. I live in the city and there are tones of cars and the sound in my head sounds like an idling car, when you stick your cars gear on N or P. Some times it gets triggered by those low sounds and it comes and goes.
I’ve gotten used to the actual high pitched tinnitus which is 12000Hz and 5db in volume. (tested by an audiologist)
But this low tractor in my head is something new. I hope that it goes away for anyone who has it, especially if you are a musician. AND NO I DO NOT BLAST volumes loud anywhere, I am very protective of my ears. :frowning:

Some times I go crazy and can’t figure out if the sound is in my head or it is real

I used to wonder the same (when I lived in a big city), blaming it on car traffic or some industrial factory noise, but then, we bought a house in the middle of nowhere, with the closest neighbours being quite far away, except the low drone followed me, so I knew it was in my head.

I wish that what you feel is just temporary. Good luck.

I got some as well. Luckily i have no beep, it sounds like a guitar amp buzz or a tap running. Received it when performing with a Goth metal band and the cymbals was right behind me. Some toilet paper in the ears saved me from an even worse noise i think.

Hi guys!

In its day I started a thread here about the ringing but nobody answered me.
So I take this opportunity to tell my experience so far.
Occasionally I have a ringing in my left ear.
Used to be very subtle, but after the work day, at night “Whistling” a little more.
Des then I have researched the net and I am left with the following things:

It seems that sleep is absolutely essential

That makes the next day perceive tinnitus or less this is almost imperceptible.
In the event that at night the whistle not let you rest, help sound “white” like a fan as you say Nonzerobot.

There are pages dedicated to treating tinnitus through white noise to train the ear to disperse the buzz focusing on other things like wind, rain, nature sounds, ocean waves etc …
One is www.noisli.com
I occasionally use it and the truth is that if not alleviates tinnitus but if relaxing rather hahaha

Apparently there are others that offer a “personalized therapy” payment as http://www.audionotch.com/ (Although I have not tested)


Some say that certain plants and supplements help to minimize whistles
One is the Gingko Biloba, which some experts lowers blood pressure in the ear and improves circulation and that affects less discomfort.
I’ve been taking one capsule a day des about 3 or 4 days ago moment so I can not speak of results safely.

But I think the most important thing is not depressed and do everything possible to “leave aside noise” and focus on other things without paying much attention.

In the thread I wrote asking if anyone was using some kind of caps as measured at the time of recording with the sequencer.
Anyone know if that is recommended?

Do not know if my answer can haver been helpful.
I hope we can keep doing what we like for a long long time!

Take care friends!

Yes, it has. I sort of learned to live with that annoyance, but I think I’ll look into the Gingko Biloba idea. Nature can do surprising things sometimes, so I guess it’s worth a try. Thanks and good luck.

I dealt with off-and-on tinnitus for about a year or two. Mine turned out to be related to the sternocleidomastoid muscle and sensitized peripheral nerves.

The high pitched cluster of tones got louder if I turned my head severely. They got softer when I applied pressure to just the right place at the base of my skull behind my ear. Weird stuff. It’s gone now thankfully.

I really sympathize with you guys. It was not fun during flare ups. Especially at night in a very quiet room.

I believe the sternocleidomastoid connection to tinnitus is common. I assume you guys have ruled that one out?

Doctors never mentioned a possible sternocleidomastoid muscle relation to my problem. I’ll look into this. Thank you, Pinkzebra.

P.s.: If that’s not too personal, does your tinnitus just disappeared after a while or you received some treatments for it?

Send me an email. I’ll fill you in.

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A company who treat tinnitus bought me a song some months ago, this is the web, maybe they can help you, or just take some information. I hope everything go well.

I’ve tried Ginko, it didn’t help me much. :frowning:

Kurlykovs so you know Ginko makes its efectesa at a time. I do not know if it will help, but it will not hurt …

Pinkzebra I too am interested in the particular subject, I could send mail too?

Good luck guys

I might have not taken it for long enough, so you should not give it up as an option that could help!

Of course!!
Do not despair, try to relax and if you can look to visit a physiotherapist as noted Pinkzebra
Do all that and even hard not pay attention to whistle
My best wishes

I have this weird thing where I hear distortion in my right ear. It sounds exactly like speaker distortion, and I usually only hear it in my headphones. Then I flip my headphones the other way around, and it’s still in the right ear :smiley: Thankfully it’s nothing serious, only when I’m blasting too high volume. So now I usually keep everything low to protect me ears. I hope you recover man!

I have had tinnitus in my left ear for years, and sometimes a very loud sharp sound will worsen it in a permanent way. It’s a very high pitch, and my hearing in that range is impaired. But the good news is that 1) I don’t notice it when I’m intensely focussed on something else; and 2) I think the brain compensates in some way. I find I am able to mix and balance my tracks accurately. I am 61 years old and I don’t know what it will be like when age-related hearing loss sets in. I’m not looking forward to it. My advice for you it to do everything you can to protect your ears in loud environments. Foam earplugs or even a little wad of tissue.

Does it ever stop?

I’ve gotten used to the high pitched tinnitus in my ear, and I hardly ever notice it, but the low idling tractor in my head that appeared around two weeks ago is driving me nuts.

Hello, i got a tinnitus about 3 years ago, at first it was awful at night , i couldn’t sleep at all. Mine sounds like a car alarm. It disappeared after a few months when I took some anti inflammatories for a back pain. It still comes back sometimes when I’m under stress or not sleeping well, but not as load as before. My doctor told me that in time it will be better, I even had some pills then but they didn’t help at all, so the conclusion is that, if circulatories problems are excluded, than it’s probably just stress.