Tiktok video downloader has been rejected

please check it http://demo.webnirol.com/tiktok whats reason its rejected why please help
Front:- http://demo.webnirol.com/tiktok/
Admin:- http://demo.webnirol.com/tiktok/admin

email:- admin@gmail.com
pass:- 12345

please suggest me what i improve it please help

It looks good. But, I think there is already scripts like that in the market. Extending the feature of your application may not work. Probably you should work on other project. I think, for this app, you don’t have much to do to make massive changes.

Best wishes.

There’s already too much of this type of script, and the rejection rate would be higher.

But the script of other author is being approved which is uploaded after me but I am rejecting and there is no such script with admin panel