Hard rejected for no particular reason? Now it's on GitHub

Rejection is hard to handle, but I completely understand (My submission for a PHP script was hard rejected on CC). But given no reason for rejection here in Envato is like loosing a triangular love battle. I have been doing stuffs with PHP for a long time, and I understand keeping things simple is best for PHP scripts so users can customize for their need, though WP is different story and never got rejected with WP submissions.

I wrote a script, wrapped it with Bootstrap UI, mostly due to requests from my product page as WP plugin who wanted something out of WordPress so they can modify as to their need and use without the bloats of WP.

Here is my GIT https://github.com/ssovit/tiktok-video-downloader ,don’t heistate to fork!!

The repo has been modified to support only TikTok Video URL, but not user, hashtag or Music URL searches.

The original intended version is on https://tiktok-php.wppress.net (supports user, hashtag, music and video URL search and downloads)

And yeah, my API works with Non watermark videos after 27th July TikTok upgrade. Most of the scripts/plugin on CC don’t work for videos posted after 27th.