TikDown TikTok Video Downloader has been rejected

Hello before i have coded a TikTok Video and Music Scraper works with own TikTok API and it has been rejected. I have created a forum topic. https://forums.envato.com/t/php-tiktok-video-download-script-has-been-rejected-without-any-reason/316062 and have not get any response…

Than i coded a new script. this is only a TikTok video download script without watermark by php cURL and Ajax support. I don’t know why this has been rejected too.
Reason is " it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward ". I don’t understand there is only a Curl php, a Style.css and a JS file for ajax responses.

After this rejected again i have uploaded the repository to github with a public lisence. You are free to use it if you wish. Because this project comes to ends of line after last reject. Please review my codes and tell me my wrongs. Because i wanna create big projects and i m anxious about getting reject after months of works.

Please alert me about my mistakes and what to look out for after reviewing demo.

You’re not the first one who’s item ( Tiktok video downloader ) is rejected. You can find some free plugins, that’s the main reason why your item didn’t get approved

Thanks a lot for your reply i already read them but i did not find any suggestion…

You won’t get approval for TikTok video downloader. Find better idea