Ticket # Ninzio Support - #1291 - TheCraft - Problem loading demo content

Hello… I have raised a Ninzio support ticket - Ticket # 1291 seeking help with a theme i recently purchased from Themeforest. (TheCraft). I am having issues uploading the demo content. I have not received any response. Hence reposting it here…

I have two issues again

  1. The slider1.zip installation failed. Error no plugins identified
  2. All the pages in the site is displaying html code instead of rendering the content… Something like missing css files… Only the menu and the footer is displaying correctly.

So I literally am seeing text like this in the brower

[rev_slider_vc alias=”slider-1″]

[spacing desktop_height=”63″ mobile_height=”53″ smobile_height=”53″][carouselbox gap=”20″ column=”4c”][iconbox style=”icon-top2″ wrap_background=”” icon_width=”w73″ icon_rounded=”rounded-100″ icon_type=”extraicon” icon_font_size=”” heading=”CREATIVE DESIGNS” link_url=”http://your-link.com” heading_font_size=”16px” heading_line_height=”26px” heading_top_margin=”15px” heading_bottom_margin=”8px” desc_bottom_margin=”5px” description=”By the same illusion which lifts the horizon of the sea to the level of the the sable cloud beneath was dished out and the car seemed to float in the middle of an dark.” icon_extraicon=”nz-


I’m afraid that this is not a support forum. But I will tag the author of the theme @ninzio maybe this way it will check your ticket quicker.

On the other hand, if you see shortcodes like those ones on your frontend, most probably you didn’t installed the required plugins that comes with the theme.


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Thank you very much, I will wait to hear back from the Ninzio team…

Solved ; ) You needed to install all plugins required by theme.