This page can’t be found

My under review item Is not showing the preview , I can directly see the demo , But when I see it thru the themeforest preview url it directs me to - > This page can’t be found

Any solution for it ?

Before approved you can’t see this ever.
so no worry about that make that approved the you can what you expect.

Thank you for your submission. 1. LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE: A full review cannot be performed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit.

This is what I got from the reviewer.

check your live demo link and item submission demo link

This is I have done already thrice.

okay just check it and resubmit again

already done it 4-5 times.

post your demo link here

try again or knock here:


Can anyone help?

Done , Deleted Old item again re-uploaded the same item. Waiting it to be reviewed.

I think this is not allowed - once when you have been in review process you must fix it until is approved or rejected and you can not resubmit the same item (maybe I am wrong with this I am not 100% sure about that).

About your site - you should fix this

There should be loaded index.html page BUT without index.html at end - I think that is the reason why LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE

So, this work fine:

but this doesn’t work: