Live Preview Not Working

Hi there…
I am new on this website.
I have this question that Recently my theme was under review and they asked me to put a demo link and resubmit for review.
I did the same but after i got a notification - “theme soft rejected” with the reason “no working demo provided”.
And my theme was hidden.
Now , I am updating the demo link section with a demo link from edit tab but the live preview is not working.
Here is the demo url
And here is the link generated for the preview

In between I am being showed a notification saying to click review submission button after fixing error, but my theme is already under review (resubmission) section.

my hidden item url

It looks like your theme demo link is not working for reviewer and themeforest preview link won’t be visible for general public for newly uploaded items until your item got accepted. Paste your demo link from your web server in “Demo URL” field and resubmit your item for review.

Thanks for your reply but the theme is already in resubmission review…
And i am unable to resubmit it for review

Did you re-submit the item after soft rejection.?

I don’t think so …
Yesterday they ask for update in demo url , I updated it … after I got notifications…

Where are you hosting the demo? That preview link should work but it may be that the hosting does not allow you to put it into an iframe e.g the one Themeforest generates

For what it’s worth, with all due respect when clicking on the first demo link in your original post - that site is way way off the necessary standard for here

so now do i have to change the demo url ?
And also tell me after updating it to new hosting whats the process of review ?

please reply … ?

If your item is Soft Rejected (I mean, it is under Hidden Items tab), then the LIVE PREVIEW button will not work.

When your item will be approved the button will be ok :slight_smile:

Got it …
Thanks …
How much time does it take review for resubmission.

You can check review times here: :slight_smile:

Thank you very much …

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How cay you solved this problem. Please tell me. I am facing similar problem.