Things are not changing, time to leave Envato for good

I’ve just completed one of those endless useless author surveys, which reminded me that I’ve even been here for the past 8 years. I don’t upload anymore because I feel that it’s not worth my time to create a song just to have it compete with 5$ prices.

At certain times it almost made me go there out of despair but that would make me a part of the problem too. Luckily I found an alternative path for my music career because I knew things are not going to change in the stock music library world You have the biggest stock music marketplace taking fixed fees from authors and buyers, leaving us drowning in this pool of underpriced music and miserable earnings.

Reading the forums you’ll see people disappointed but always hoping for a better next month. It’s been years, and all we get are competitions, polls, surveys, contests, and page redesigns. It’s clear that there is no real change on the horizon.

By setting the lowest selling price to for example 15$, they’d lose some customers but it would stabilize the environment for us authors over time. The fact is that authors, buyers, and Envato need some middle ground, and right now it’s all Envato’s ground. I don’t blame authors that much for those 5$ prices because that’s almost a natural occurrence when you have that low of a sell price limit and a mix of many countries with different economies. It’s Envato’s job to protect us even from ourselves, but they’ll of course say it’s our free will to choose the selling price while counting on this inevitable ‘natural occurrence’ that we as a mass are bound to create.

For me personally, it’s time to go because as I’ve said I’ve found something else, but if it wasn’t like this I’d still be here hoping for a change and working too much for too little, depending on volume instead of on quality. I’m still not as great of a producer as some of the people here but I appreciate my time too much to stick around. The moment you make a really great piece of music, but feel sorry to upload it here is maybe the moment to really think about a new path for your career


I keep most prices around 19$
Sales are down 60% or so… But I’ve not put much energy in the last 3 years (other things took over)… But some months are still good!


Audio Jungle can only be for most of us, a side platform. Plenty other website are existing around, and our earning have to be build with the big picture. BUT yes, this year is a real disaster. I don’t think I’m gonna move or stop here because I think at the big picture, but I don’t have any hope that the situation will improve on the long run, for AJ but for other websites too :confused:

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I mean there is not much harm in selling non-exclusively here, but the exclusive contract feels like nonsense these days. And one thing that I’ve forgotten to mention is Envato Elements… The fact that some people are in and others are out of this deal is horrible and unfair.



It would be a real shame for you to end up leaving this platform. As @AVOCADO_SOUND and @Osynthw have commented too, my own observations would be as follows:

GLOBALLY there has been a huge slow down, and markets and cost of living charges are increasing in ways we could not have imagined. This will have an impact on sales of any kind, and will impact most business owners.

But try to keep positive, and whatever you decide, good luck and keep smiling :slight_smile: tomorrow things might get better!