Quitting but not leaving.


Due to tax issues and various other concerns, I will no longer be uploading new music to audio jungle. Until Envato sorts out this mess, I don’t think it’s worth my time for the little money I make here (although Envato would have me think I make much more). Now I will sell elsewhere and not feel bad about selling at a higher price. I think it’s dishonest to simply retitle music and sell it for 80-100$, while it’s 19$ at AudioJungle. No issues now.


Why would you feel bad about selling music for $100 when it’s available here cheaper? Music is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it! And $100 is still a small price for the amount of skill, craftsmanship and time that goes into making music, not to mention the cost of equipment etc. That’s my take on that anyway. :slight_smile: Good luck! Indeed it looks like the end of the line for my selling on Envato as well.


I understand what you’re saying. However, there is a site that I’m selling on that specifically tells me I cannot sell for cheaper anywhere else. Due to this, Audiojungle had been one of my stumbling blocks. And since most of my music is not “popular” and more of a niche style, it does no good for me to sell it at 19$ a pop. I think if I stay true to my self and release the kind of music I want to, then there will be people willing to pay more, because they won’t be able to find anything quite like it anywhere else.

Oh, and thanks for the good luck!


Same here. I have one last Item in the review queue. I’ll leave my portfolio as it is, but will stop uloading new content. After that I’ll look elsewhere for RF and concentrate more on PRO stuff. Many (if not all) other sites out there offer 50% non-exclusive rates and allow PRO registered tracks. Sales on AJ are declining anyway since the beginning of the year.

A brave step Erick, but this race to the bottom has to stop. You’re not alone. I whish you good luck!


Yes me too, after seeing whats going on, i will not be uploading no more myself. ive had 16 flyers in row approved. shame but just not worth my time for so little reward.


Thanks Mike, good luck to you too! I think it is a necessary step in my music career.


Oh what irony, right after I create this post I am having one of my best months ever here on Audio Jungle. What to do… I really don’t know. How is it that when I stop uploading my sales go up? I’m confused. Maybe I continue to put some stuff up here, but then put other stuff up on others sites for a higher price? Maybe that’s a reasonable compromise.


Yeah I hear from many people that AJ is by far the best income stream when it comes to RF. Sadly, the low prices play a big role in this. I can fully understand you Erick. I’ve stopped uploading until Envato comments on PRO or at least updates the way buyers choose their licenses: Feature request: “Please choose your license”

IMHO I’d let the easier RF music here on AJ and upload my more complex/artistic/experimental RF tracks on other sites for at least 49$ and register them with a PRO.