These days creativity on themeforest =))))

That’s HILLARYous :smile:
Well, i guess next week we should see three of four themes named Donald ?


Haha , depends on who voted :joy:

Lol. There is already a theme named as Donald. :wink:

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Haha, at least here Hillary wins :joy:


Donald Already There where Hillary stand. :stuck_out_tongue:

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And there is another one named Trump :smile: :))

Can we have Obama please

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Well, it seems now it’s time to have an item named “immigrant” :slight_smile:
By the way, as a final thought, I don’t think there can be any “significant” difference between Clintons, Obamas, Trumps, Or Bushes etc. etc. + i.e. Obama received a “Nobel Peace Prize” yet destroyed almost half a dozen countries :slight_smile: And he still holds the “peace prize” and Nobel Committee did nothing about it… A great reason itself to not take those Nobel prizes as something “serious” or “credible”…

Well, anyway, this is the world we live in…
I hope those seven recently discovered planets have life in them and they nuke us all for the greater good of the entire universe :slight_smile:


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what would you say about this?

both accepted one after another.


That’s strange, now I can only see one item named “abtheme”, created on 23 September 15.
** Nevermind, found them both.
Well, at least they look different, because…
There were also two identical looking themes by one author, the only difference was that one had bbpress & woocommerce compatibility, and widgets aligned left.
Both themes gained ~22 sales.

And I’m here, developing my theme, trying to ensure WC, BP, and VC compatibility … I guess I’d better make 3 different themes compatible with each of this plugin /.sarcasm

Well, I was going to name all of my future templates like this, but… f*** it! It’s a stupid idea.

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You can approve same item but different features. Only acceptable variation is eCommerce functionality. Like you’ve one item “DP Fuse” without WooCommerce, you can upload same design with Woocommerce. Its legal.

Good to know, thank you