Has anyone tried Billion Themler theme maker?
I’m a web designer, and a beginner in wordpress theme development.
Though I’m learning a a quick pace particularly with _'s, I’m pretty angst to get into selling themes.

Also has anyone tried any of the following options/theme frameworks:

Runway (seems cool how you can create a childtheme then export as a standalone theme)


Unyson (I really want to see more themes and possibly even tutorials for this framework).

Hi @arielforeman,

Unyson Documentation ca be found on this link: We started to add video tuts (How to…) today like you can see on docs first page.

Everyone can suggest Video Tutorials (for developers) or improvements for Unyson Documentation on Unyson Development Trello Card:

We plan to add 1-2 video tuts every day on Unyson Documentation.