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I hope you guys doing well. I have some few questions. WoodPecker was my first HTML template. and I got rejected it’s okay no problem. here is my [http://foysal.me/portfolio/#](http://item link). will please take a look and give some review how can I develop my design knowledge. Thanks in Advance.

Hi here:

Maybe you design similar like Get soft rejection three times with different comments for so hard rejected and your design is too basic you need practice more for approved.


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Yes it needs a lots of improvement in design, typography and concept. Actually themeforest is rejecting it because other items are available which have better quality than this. Please improve the concept and design of the theme.


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Thanks for your feedback. yes now my seems to be i need to more practice .

thanks for your feedback. maybe right your are actually i am doing just front end but this psd design i actually made even through i am not a ux designer.

Will consider every info you provided me with next time . THANK YOU.

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