Themeforest template on a wordpress using visual composer


I am using the themeforest template to design a new page. It looks like themeforest is using page builder but my site is using visual composer. Is it possible to build a page using themeforest on the current wordpress site that is using visual composer?


Do you want to use page builder or visual composer.Can you be more clear?

Visual composer is a page builder.

If the other site does not use VC then in the interests of less stress and avoiding issues with styling etc. You are better off trying to build it up from scratch using VC in your main theme.

If there are specific features that oh want from the existing site that don’t exist by default in the new one then you will probably have to custom create them.

Have you got links to the page you are trying to replicate and BOTH theme names?


Thanks for your quick reply. Our current site is and we are trying to build

Our current site uses Visual composer and the theme we have bought uses page builder. It sounds like we have two options 1) Create a complete new site with the themeforest template but then we go back to basic page builder
2) Try building using visual composer which may or may not actually create the same experience.

brilliancetechsols - We would love to just use the Visual composer as it helps our marketing team get things done quickly.

Not sure if there is a 3rd option.


So you are part right - given two different builders trying to copy code etc. would be a nightmare.

Opt 1: Replicate the new design content using VC into the main site - this wouldn’t be impossible but you might need to work a bit to get styling right and it is unlikely to be a perfect match.

Opt 2: Are you only using the new one as a landing page? If it is for that distinct purpose you could install it as a separate installation and redirect people. Again the issue is that it won;t be using your header/footer etc.