ThemeForest Item Title Guidelines

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the Marketplace and transparency of Envato rules, we have recently launched an article detailing item naming requirements for ThemeForest which you can review here: ThemeForest Item Title Guidelines

In addition to the new article, we have also expanded the guidelines on keyword stuffing. We are aware this is an issue on Market as authors attempt to game Envato’s search algorithm. This creates an unfair playing field for authors and is not allowed. Keyword stuffing also adversely affects your external SEO results and can hinder your item’s chance of being discovered. To help with the discovery of your items we’ve published some handy hints on optimizing your titles and descriptions for SEO.

While this isn’t new information and has been part of Envato’s internal review policy for some time, we appreciate that there has been some confusion and lack of transparency around the naming rules. The aim of this new article is to clarify our requirements and give authors more general guidance.

What do you need to do?

Review your portfolio and ensure that your item titles comply with the policy guidelines.

You are not required to update your branding name if it was approved prior to this policy. However, in line with the policy, you will still need to ensure that your item titles do not contain duplicate words/stem words.

Please ensure you keep this information in mind when submitting new items.

If you’re still unsure whether your titles meet the guidelines after reading through the articles, please submit a support ticket. Do not request specific item title advice below, as we will not be responding individually to these.

Moving forward, if we discover item titles that are not in line with this new policy we may take action such as removal of trusted updates, or item disablement. We hope this won’t be necessary.

We’ll be around for the next seven days responding to your questions and comments in batches. Please remember our community guidelines as you post, in particular not calling out other community members or their items.


Nice move! But what about duplicate Item names? (as you called it - item branding name)? As I see some authors get their themes approved even if that item name exists for 3-4 more times. We got a lot of soft rejections to change item name because it is not unique on the market. Any reasonable explanation for this?

Just saying :wink:


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