Keyword stuffing - Still, Envato do not do any action. Why should I respect the rules so?

Months ago I received an email from Envato to remove all the duplicated keywords from my items title within July 17, 2019. The email explained also the consequences if I would not apply the changes: trusted update removing, disabling of the items.

After months there are many themes with duplicated keywords. This is unfair and I do not understand why Envato do not do anything.

Examples: [removed by mod: please forward to Envato Support]

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I would love to hear an official responsive regarding this matter. When they submitted the email notification to update the item titles, this affirmation was mentioned too:

Please use the next 1 week (before August 19th) to review your portfolio, and update your items to remove any duplicate words in your item titles.

If your titles have not been updated after this time, we may take action against your items and/or account. We hope this won’t be necessary though.


The rules have been launched about 1 month ago if I’m not mistaken and authors have been given fair warning and time to resolve these issues, also, staff sent emails to authors who were breaching these terms when they were first announced.

If you see any item that fails to abide to Envato Terms of Service, don’t expect the staff to catch them all, the volume of items is huge and, remember, some authors have trusted updates, and this in turn allows them to change the item name as they please.

The best solution to deal with Items who don’t abide to these terms is to contact Envato Help and Support

The procedure is simple and highly effective. Let’s say you contact support for item John Doe | Super John Doe by John Doe. These are the following steps:

1. The Author is Contacted for the 1st Time
The Author Integrity Team will add a note to the author’s account in regards to this breach.

  • A warning email sent out notifying the author.
  • A time deadline to correct the breach offered.
  • If the author replies or doesn’t reply, the note remains,
  • If the author doesn’t reply, see the next point

All is good, John Doe changes the item title, fixes the keywords, but in (hypothetically) 3 weeks does the same thing, you or someone else notifies support again.

2. The Author is Contacted for the 2nd Time
Support will identify the note on the author’s account, therefore the chances are that:

  • Depending on the severity of the breach, the item can be disabled.
  • Depending on the multitude of times this has happened his account can be disabled.

We must understand one things as members here mates. The community is huge. You see something wrong? Envato Help and Support is always the way to go! They will investigate and get back to you. If you don’t get a reply back within 1 week ( considering that’s the maximum time Support replies back if they’re flooded with tickets) then yes, post a ticket number on the forums and we can pass it on to the appropriate staff to investigate.

In my past experience, however, everyone at Envato that manage these areas do a wonderful job of replying in the fastest possible time!