Themeforest featured item of the week is a CodeCanyon item?

Title really, does anyone know any more about this?

yeah, I also notice this. Is that Themeforest too bad for one item to be featured?
I don’t mean to offend the featured item, the featured author is deserved to have that position but another item or it should be on CodeCanyon??
@BenLeong anything wrong?

That’s extremely strange - I didn’t know that the featured item system could do that. :confused:

Thanks for letting me know @tommusrhodus & @miyachi_hikari! I’ll check what’s going on - I suspect there’s been some kind of mix-up, and the current featured item is meant to be queued for CodeCanyon instead. We should have an actual ThemeForest item back in that slot soon.

No problem @BenLeong, if you need any ideas for featured items, don’t forget the lovely Themeforest author that reported this :wink: :smiley:

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@tommusrhodus yeah and the one who tagged him lately :slight_smile:

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