Crappy featured items

I’m sorry, no offence but why are there so many crappy worthless items picked as featured lately?

The quality of the featured items list is directly proportional with the nearly zero sales.

In the past when you saw a featured item you said WOW! and it sold

But lately I think they’re chosen by friendships of the picker.

There are TONS of authors giving their sweat of building quality distinct items and you guys pick the crappiest.


There are so many items which need to be removed/disabled from TF. I have start one topic, but with no luck :slight_smile:

I still think there is a need to “clean up” the TF and to set higher standards for upcoming themes.

I agree with you however I’m referring to CodeCanyon here as that’s my slice of pizza.

The same story for a all marketplaces.

That’s sad to hear. I’m used to wow my eyes when I see the new picked item.

Hard work, unique, etc. isn’t what you need anymore. Maybe if you know the right people is all you need otherwise I don’t explain