Theme which allows user to create own bundle via steps.

Hello all,
I am not sure where I should be looking or what to google. I am looking for a theme that allows the user to create bundles from the homepage by following a series of steps. Similar to this website

I dont want to sell individual items, nor do I want a menu. I want to customize each step in the series to create a bundle. The steps must not really contain products, but rather information so we can create a bundle for the client.

For example
Step 1 : How old is your baby? Client should be able to choose from 1 to 12 months.
Step 2 : Boy or Girl?
Step 3 : Allergies ? List of allergies to choose from.
Step 4 : Prefer huggies or pampers?

I think you get the picture.
Is this possible with magento
Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank You


That is not related to the theme to be honest, but it is more related to a plugin that you can combine, or how you can integrate things. A Theme with WooCommerce integration could work, but you need way much more work to finalise it.

THank you