Does anyone know of a WooCommerce Theme that allows one to build this type of product variant selection?

Hey guys. Im looking for a WooCommerce or Wordpress theme that will allow me to build a Subscription Sales Site, where the dynamics of choosing your product variants are similar to the Websites I will post below:

Basically, these sites ask the customer what their preferences are, and then it guides them directly into the Shopping Cart to Check Out.

I have some experience building Wordpress Sites, I built a blog with X-theme. I would like to design this new site by myself, but I do need a theme with this functionality integrated into it.

If anyone knows of a theme, app, plugin, etc., please let me know. Thanks!

You cannot integrate any other theme, you’d need someone to code it for you.
If you’re interested in, please, let me know. We can discuss the details

@danielberpo did you ever figure out how to do this?

Not sure if you figured out a way- would be curious to hear how! If you’re still searching, you should try Zuvoo. It’s not a theme but a web-based platform that lets you create an interactive shopping assistant or product finder for your site. It works similar to the example you shared: your customers answer a few questions and are presented with most suitable product recommendations.

You can integrate it with basically any site, no matter what theme you’re using. Just copy-paste a few lines of JS or HTML code where you want it to be. The best thing: it’s free for up to 2,000 starts per month.

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