Theme that looks like the Squarespace-Blog - it exists already



Some weeks ago I found a theme on ThemeForest, unfortunately I haven´t saved it in My Favorites. It looks exactly (or pretty close) like the Squarespace blog:

On the left there is this full height, fixed image with the title of the blog post. On the right you can see the whole content.

When you click on “More articles” it opens a Sidemenu on the left with all the blog posts.

Nearly the same Wordpress theme exists, but I can´t find it anymore. Does anyone know what theme this is?

Thank you for your time and efforts.
Best regards.


Have you checked your browser history?


Thank you ki-themes for this tip.
It´s too long ago and I´m way too often on themeforest to find it. It´s like searching through all the themes on themeforest.


Good luck!