WP Theme that looks like Squarespace Horizon

Hey guys,
I´m searching for an WP Theme that exactly looks like the “Horizon” from Squarespace.
Does anybody know one?

It can be done with many themes with some plugin but my ones have all the required features with dedicated options exactly for that:

  1. Fullscreen background image with middle contents (http://wordpress.framework-y.com/documentation/sections/)
  2. Top fixed menu with middle logo and one page scroll (http://www.framework-y.com/components/menu/menu-middle-logo.html)
  3. Advanced table for GRAVITY TOUR (http://wordpress.framework-y.com/prv-components/table/)
  4. Component to show the blog posts where you want and link to external page with auto-back to one page site. (http://wordpress.framework-y.com/prv-components/grid-lists/ and many others)
  5. Social stream for Twitter (http://wordpress.framework-y.com/prv-components/social-feeds/)
  6. List style for GRAVITY (http://wordpress.framework-y.com/prv-components/text-list/)

All the following themes are based on WPTF so all have these features: http://wordpress.framework-y.com/themes/