Theme Similar to the Verge?

Has anybody seen a theme similar to the site design of The Verge? I’ve been searching for months but have come up empty.

No, but we’re currently working on a theme that would have a similar ability to stack content sections like their site does so if you have questions feel free to message and ask.

That would be awesome. When can we expect the theme to be ready? And is it for Wordpress?

I know it’s a long time. :sweat_smile: adding a post to this after 5 years!

the Vertical Theme is the same theme used by the verge in 2011 when the site was just launched and was on Wordpress and the theme now is not available on the internet.
If anyone gets the theme please share it with me.


Hello :smiley:

Here are a few options for magazine style websites that have a similar stacking functionality like The Verge