wordpress theme

I am looking for a specific design of wordpress theme can anyone help me out?

Moreover i wanna know some package have home page included with magazine websites too is that all come in one price or have different price tags?

All items you find on envato come ‘as is’ i.e. if there is a home page and a blog/magazine then thats what you get. (in some cases images are not included as they are in the demo).

If you want suggestions for themes then you need to share what it is that you need it to do

I can try to help - what design are you looking for? You mentioned magazine sites in your question, so one of these top news/magazine themes might work for you. These all include lots of layouts to choose from as well as page builders so you can easily create and customize your site:

Many of the WordPress themes on Themeforest include sample demos - these are just different examples of how you can setup and style the theme. So you might see a theme with 10 different homepages, a magazine layout, 2 different blog styles, etc. This is all included in the one theme for one price. For example, our Total Theme has 40+ ready to use demos that you can import. Even though we’ve setup each demo on it’s own separate site (as a way to show more theme features), it’s all included in our one Total theme for $59. I hope that makes sense!

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