Je thème


Hello !

My name is Benjamin, sorry for my bad english of french cow.

I’m searching for theme for my website which is an interactive web-journal, actuality, news, analysys, art and culture.

what theme do you advise ? Should I look for in the blog section / ThemeForest magazine ?
Is it easy to install by his own way ? Is the main pluggin are sold with the theme ?

Thank you.


here are some of themes

if you need any other help just let me know


Thank you, is complcated to install myself ?
Is blog / magazine in the only place to find what I need for my project (webjournal, news, analysys, press release, interactivity, independence) ?


Bonjour Benjamin,

As a idea, it is very easy to install themes from themeforest. It should not take more than 30 minutes to install everything and maximum 12 hours to start your business (in cases of complicated websites with online shopping, etc).

Happy shopping.


Thank you very much for answers !
Wish you all the best to all.