Theme Options in Edition theme?

Hello, not sure if this is the right place…

I’ve used Edition theme successfully on a few sites and it’s fine. But. On a new installation, I’m not getting the Theme Options. Redux Framework is installed and activated, but no Options. I seem to recall this happening before, but can’t for the life of me remember what fixed it.

Help, please?

Any idea @Themewich?

Can you jump on our support system?

I’m happy to help! One thing I would try is deactivating all plugins
momentarily, then only activating the plugins the theme prompts you to.

Sometimes 3rd party plugins can hide admin options.


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Sorry, I can’t afford your support system just now.

Themewich support, that is.

Andre, I tried disabling plugins, one at a time, as you suggest. But still no Theme Options.

I noticed a couple of things, though: The plugin ‘Redux Framework’ (3.6.5) is installed, but shows a red note ‘Activate Demo Mode’ - when I do that I get some advanced-looking options, but not the nice simple ones as on other sites. Even with those ‘Sample’ Options, I still can’t even add a site logo…
And, with that Demo Mode, I’m invited to install a ‘developer mode disabler’ which I’m reluctant to do… surely I don’t need to do that?

Your thoughts, please?

What version of the theme are you running? No need to activate demo mode if you’re using the latest version of the theme (1.7.4)

ah… that may be it. It’s 1.5

So how do I update the theme?

I notice, though, on another site that I have 1.5 and that Theme Options
are working fine…

Thank You Thank You! Got there in the end!