Abandoned themes and plugins

Hello anyone - my theme lost author support and has disappeared from the marketplace. It was called Edition. It still functions starting to get a little buggy here and there. It uses several formatting plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and Extendify rather extensively to achieve the desired presentation. I’m no expert but it seems this theme/plugin combo cannot be just erased and replaced by some other theme. Anyone know what to do?

You should consider to get a new theme. There’s not much option on this one as the item has been removed already.

I am willing to do this but the theme is somewhat unique and several plugins make it even more unique so I don’t know how to replicate. Does anyone know of a theme that replicates the Edition theme?

If you’re OK to spend some money to get the theme updated, I’m available for the freelance works but it won’t be cheap as the theme price.

About the similar items, you need to check the themes.

I appreciate your response and understand your position. But I think the thing to do is purchase a new theme that will replicate the the current site more efficiently with fewer plugins required. The problem is that I do not have enough experience to know what theme can accomplish this and then execute the transition.