theme option



just wondering if u can help me in 3 issues
1- i would like to remove the social media at the bottom of the footer referring to psycho code
2-trying to edit in my them options but return a message saying undefined
3*-trying to add more items to my footer menu but unfortunately to response


You should contact the theme author but it may be considered as theme modification and they may not provide help
In that case, I could provide paid support


You didn’t provide link from your site?


Dear Zaccc
Thank you and thanks for your team but we had solved the problem of our
first email > but there is another problem in the them if you can help to
solve :
in the products > categories : it appears in the page in the banner the
word “Tourist” like in this link below and we need to change it to " Tours "
can you please help !
many thanks


You mean this change?

For that I need to login as admin on your site.