Hi, I need an help in Villa customisation.

I would like to know how can I do those 3 steps:

  1. add the social media menu
  2. edit this menu
  3. change the main color
    Attached a picture with the references.

Thank you!

Hi @simonestilli,

Welcome to the forums! Please check out theme documentation first, then contact @InovatikThemes in case of further questions:



Thank you very much for your help and for letting me know @LucaThemesCom
From the screenshot @simonestilli is looking for help regarding the WordPress version of my template.
I am the author of the HTML version and can’t offer support for the WP version.
I am letting @kemoboy know about your need of assistance since he is the author of the WordPress version.

Thank you for understanding,
Lucian - InovatikThemes

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@simonestilli Please contact us via support!

As for the menu, you have that link that says “Change this menu”. You have in Documentation how to do that for both, normal and social networks menu.

Dear @kemoboy,
thanks for your response. I clicked on “Change this menu” but I got the 404 error page.
Where is the documentation?

Contact us via support and we will help you!
We will not answer on forum and/or comments for specific support problems. ( This our Internal policy).