Theme install failed



I have a trouble to install the template Hotel Brunei.
When uploading directlly with zip file, there is missing index.php file. (no such doc in the folder)
Via ftp also not working…

Also tried to get help from 24/7 for mentioned template 3 days ago, but there is still no respond.

Please help!

Thank you!



Are you trying to install this to WordPress? This is not a WordPress file (only HTML or PSD versions)


Aha, ok. Is it possible to get hotel Brunei as WordPress?

Thank you!


Not at the moment by the looks of thing



Thank you for your quick response! Have a nice day!


Hi, again.

Now, I bought starhotel template, wordpress version.
But the slideshow doesn’t work…theme options has no possibility to chose slideshow… :frowning:

Sori, I am new to installation and creation the websites…



Ask the author

Although if its the slider then that won’t be in the theme options - more likely down the bottom of the dashboard under Revolution Slider and added via either VC page builder or a page template option (impossible to tell without seeing the admin)