Error loading the template

hello I bought the Cruise template and when the wordpress charge tells me The style sheet style.css does not have a valid header for the theme. Why is that what I can do?

Although if it is a ‘template’ then that sounds like it is not a WP theme? What’s the item link?

That is a site template - it won’t work with WordPress


Thanks for the help. Do you know any template that has all the functions that it has but for WP?

There is a WP version but it’s quite an old theme so I would be cautious

There are numerous others but in our experience this is an excpetional travel theme by one of the most respected authors around


The idea is that I want to make a travel agency and I am looking for a template that comes with all the reservation options and that does not cost much

That one we linked above has booking functionality but again so does most of these.

It’s worth remembering that ‘does not cost much’ is the worst possible place to start from. WP themes are around $50-70 here which is insanely cheap for what you are getting.

BUT - travel agencies are a business and like any other business require investment to do things properly. If you are handing peoples’ personal info, potentially bank info or travel data then the theme is just small part of what you need to consider e.g. you are going to need to invest in proper hosting and security which will not be cheap, let alone professional things outside the website like insurance etc.

You’re right, sometimes you think of a low price and forget that the safety of the site is the most important thing. Thank you for your help and your advice.

Hi Charlie, I don’t think I’m very lucky and bought another template and this one is wp but I get an error loading it

Hi @yoandy90,

Let’s make sure you are uploading the correct file, because 16M bytes is quite large! From your downloads page, make sure to click “Installable WordPress file only” and once it downloads, upload that file into WordPress.

If you still get the error, here are two other things you can try:

  • Install the theme manually over FTP. Here are some great instructions from GoDaddy that apply to most hosts:

  • Alternatively, you can contact your web host and ask them to increase the POST and file upload limits - tell them the size of the file, as both of these limits will need to be higher than the size of your theme’s file.

Hope that helps!

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