Theme for shares/stocks investment


I am looking for a theme for my company.

I selling shares/stock and i want the investors to ve able to login and see the value of their investment and payout at the end of the year.

Is there any kind of template for that?
Or what are the keywords to find them?

You won’t find that out of the box.

You need some form of membership/user profiles, which in itself is fairly easy, BUT to then have a reactive feed that determines what stocks they own, and their existing value is complicated.

That’s all before you look at the the ability to actually trade/buy/sell/checkout within the site.

There are some plugins like but these are a long way from being ready to go as they are.

Also due to the financial element, there are numerous other hosting, security and compliance considerations to address which could add huge cost.

Hello @charlie4282,

Thank you for your quick respond respond.

Maybe we can so it in 2 parts.
At least i want people to be able to buy the shares.

And for the admin, maybe there is another option that i can use on a subdomain for excample.
I don’t mind to put the information manually in the admin.

But the most important thing is to sell the shares.
And i have the certificates to sell the shares and they will be limited from time to time.

Is there an option for that?

I’m not an expert in that space but I would have thought that buying and selling shares comes with some serious compliance expectation and regulations which a stock website would not stand up to as it is.

I really do t think you will find anything like this on a stock marketplace and even built properly you would be looking at thousand of $ before you start costing sufficient security and hosting

It’s not a marketplace.

I have a company and i’m selling some shares of the company. I want to do that on a website.

You can only buy the shares of my company. But you can’t sell it to others.

It would be great if they had an admin, where they can see the progress of their shares. But if they can only buy them, then i’m okay with that.