Looking for a share/stock wordpress

Hello, i would like to sell some shares in an investment idea, and want to show a overview of total shares and shares sold, and how many shares the user has.bought. Would also be nice to have a dividend paid pr share.


Hello ,

You will Not find out of box solution. I will need more details what you want and how you thing to sell your idea?


I would like to integrate on the userpage how many shares the user own both number and % of shares and how much dividend the shares has paid both $ and %.
I would also want a admin panel where i can set how many shares that are available, how many thats bought, and shares reserved. Would also like to integrate a paymentgate to buy share and that this automatic updates the tota, and changes the users rolle on the page.
It would also be nice to be able to integrate the total in a piechart or other type of chart in a wordpress page.

Hope this helps.

Regards Traxhax

So it’s not just a website - it’s also stock commerce and management platform/app (I don’t know for sure but suspect this is more complex than regular commerce).

As @Zaccc said you won’t find anything like his out of the box. I’m sure there are freelancers here who could handle it but with the best will in the world to achieve what you described above is going to require some serious budget.

For that you will need custom made site and you will have good budget to have all what you hav write.

Thanks for the replys. Will have to think about it and try to do it manually for now.