theme customizing help! Scent theme

I just bought the gorgeous theme Scent for my photography business and have a little experience customizing my own wordpress themes but I can’t make heads or tails of where to start or how to customize anything! I can’t figure out where to add photos, etc.
Can anyone help me out, please?

Scent looks like there are two themes available, one for WordPress and the other html?

Which one did you get?✓

If it is html type, you’ll want to open the layout style main page that you want, say ‘light slider version’ which might have a title ‘light_slider.html’ or something in the light folder. First, double click on the html file to open a copy in a browser, and if necessary right-click this open browser page to ‘view source’ and select all, copy/paste into a word edit program so you can see the code.

Then look for image code, like 1.jpg. Take a look at those images in Photoshop to see where they appear in your page, for instance, there might be a path of images/bg/1.jpg which is where you’ll find the image. At this point I add text to the image and save it as a jpg, to see where the change shows up in the browser (by refreshing your page). This process will allow you to do the first step which is to add your own images to a template.

It’s taken me a week to get this website up and running, and I’m still adding content.

If you’re doing WordPress (on my website you can click on the Blog link) it’s might take some work to figure out how to format everything. A few months ago I purchased a WordPress website template and gave up trying to figure it out.